Founded in 2003, Gaming in the Greater Lansing, Michigan Area

When and Where

Our Normal Schedule:

    • First Saturday, 1PM-8PM, at The Gaming Cantina in the Meridian Mall, in Okemos (High Caliber wing but near center)
    • Second Saturday, 2PM-Evening, at Hoplite Games,
      2010 E. Michigan Ave.  Lansing

    • Third Saturday, 2PM-Late night at Summit Comics & Games, 216 S. Washington Square, Lansing, in the Game Room behind the store (accessible through store – go through the backdoor of the store)
    • Fourth Saturday, 2PM-Midnight at Evolution Games, 932 Elmwood, Lansing, in the Game Room past the first set of tables on your right through an entryway.
    • Follow this site, Facebook, or Meetup for schedule/venue changes
  • Bi-Monthly Game Days
  • FREE gaming
  • FREE parking (even downtown – Saturdays)
  • Play Board Games
    • Old, new, short, long, Eurogames, Ameritrash, etc.
    • Bring your own if you want (be ready to teach)
    • Or, enjoy games that others bring
  • Food nearby
  • Bathrom onsite or nearby
  • Gaming at family local game stores – show them some love!
  • An Annual board game convention: DaveCon 

You!, assuming you’ve got a good attitude and are interested in playing board games.   

How to stay in touch

Links below in “Stay in Touch”:

  • Visit our Facebook Group
  • Join our Meetup
Next Game Days:

    DaveCon 2024 Information

    DaveCon Begins!








    More About

    Lansing Board Gamers

    Founded in 2003 by Dave Rogers and Rob Taylor, Lansing Board Gamers meets twice a month at local game stores.  Boasting attendance of 20-30 gamers each game day, we offer the opportunity to learn and play a variety of games for FREE.

    Our game days offer:

    • Open gaming
    • 20-30 gamers
    • Bathroom onsite
    • Food nearby
    • Shopping onsite
    • Friendly gamers
    • 4.6/5.0 stars on Meetup with 66+ 5-star ratings!

    About DaveCon

    DaveCon is an annual board game convention run by Lansing Board Gamers.  At DaveCon, you can play the games you love either by way of the attendee supplied game library or scheduled events.  By design, DaveCon is a community-oriented board game convention on a smaller scale of the larger cons, but with all the same amenities and offerings.

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